The 2018 Getting Into Jazz sessions begin on 8th April at 1pm.
Venue is Willow Park Tavern Lounge 820 Tremaine Avejust up from Ruahine St/Milson Line lights

Session fee: Adults $20/ Tertiary Students $10/High School students Free.

Note May course will be 12 –3pm as we have the High Schools’ Club Day session and they need to be assembled in a less frantic fashion!
April 8th – Rodger Fox, +  rhythm section
May 13th – Rodger Fox +  Johnny McCormick + rhythm section ( NB 12 –3pm today)
No Course in June
July 8th – Johnny McCormick +  rhythm section
Aug 12th – Rodger Fox, Kevin Downing +  rhythm section
Sept 9th –Rodger Fox, +  rhythm section
Oct 14th – Rodger Fox +  rhythm section
Nov 11th – Performance  + Tutors’ gig: Rodger Fox  Johnny McCormick, Kevin Downing +  rhythm section + Erna Ferry