Café Scene – Palmerston North

Cafes all round P.N. Palmerston North

These free events will take place at Cafes around Palmerston North. Download booklet here - has venue map Download programme here - same info but in a different format


The Big Band Bash

Globe Theatre Main Street, Palmerston North

With a dynamic range of loud, too loud and too, too loud, this audio-extravaganza will blow your eardrums skyrocketing to a new altitude.


July Club Day: Blackberry Jam

Willowpark Tavern 820 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North

'Masterton’s Gypsy Jazz Band' featuring Stephan Schulz (violin+ Jazz recorders) Timi Walker (guitar) and Miles Rea (double bass)

August Club Day: Sound and Distance five-piece

Willowpark Tavern 820 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North

Sound and Distance is a five-piece jazz group that combines two overlapping trios: a Wellington-based trio of guitar, woodwinds and double bass, and a Palmerston North-based trio of guitar, keyboards […]