2018 Manawatu International Jazz Festival

This year’s festival runs from May 25 to June 4

Featured artists include:

Hopetoun Brown and the genius of Finn Scholes • Midge Marsden
• Larry Koonse • Bruce Forman • Tom Warrington • Lance Philip •
Robben Ford • Lydia Pense • California State University, Northridge Big
Band – Musical Director Matt Harris • The Rodger Fox Big Band • Kevin
Downing’s 101 Lab Band • Swamp City Big Band • The Manawatu Jazz Club
Big Band • The Burnside High Big Band • Whanganui Jazz Club Big Band

See our events calendar for more details.

Download Festival Brochure (PDF, will open in a new window) – printed copies at City Library

Download 2018 Cafe Scene Synopsis version 2 (PDF, will open in a new window)