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The Club supports and encourages jazz musicians and their audiences by holding public concerts on the second Sunday of the month. The Club and Rodger Fox organise annual Jazz and Blues Festivals, featuring local, national and leading international artists. The Club celebrated the fiftieth year of the Festivals in June, 2018.

A feature of the Festivals is a competition for high-schools Big Bands and jazz combos, supporting and encouraging young players to be the artists of the future. The Club also has a ‘Getting into Jazz’ programme that provides an opportunity for players of any age and level to progress their abilities in Jazz by attending monthly, three-hour practice sessions mentored by Rodger Fox and other eminent tutors.

Club members enjoy discounted tickets for the monthly concerts and local Jazz and Blues Festivals.
Subs are $15 for adult members, and no fees apply to student members. 

Membership form with bank account details here

Big Swing Band

The Club supports The Manawatu Jazz Club Big Swing Band.
Read more about this here.

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